Качественная рок музыка из 88 года в программе Gran Collection

6 may 2017
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/// АРХИВ РАДИО ФОНТАНКА FM /// Выпуск 005 добавлен 18.02.15 19:21
AC DC — heatseeker
L.A. Guns — sex action
Megadeth — anarchy in the U.K.
UFO — another saturday night
Robert Plant — ship of fools
Krokus — wild love
Ozzy Osbourne — crazy babies
Toto — stop loving you
Iron Maiden — can I play with madness
Scorpions — don’t stop on the top
Van Halen — when it’s love
judas Priest — ram it down
Bon Jovi — lay your hands on me
Poison — fallen angel
Chicago — we can last forever
Iggy Pop — cold metall
Huey Lewis and the News — perfect world
Blue Oyster Cult — I am the one you warned me
Glenn Frey — living right
Helloween — dr. Stein
Cinderella — coming home
Europe — open your heart
Ratt — I want a woman
Manowar — kingdom come
Guns’n’Roses — patience
slayer — south of heaven