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6 may 2017
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/// АРХИВ РАДИО ФОНТАНКА FM /// Выпуск 004 добавлен 11.02.15 16:50
KISS — Psycho circus
Gorky Park — wanna be
the Offspirng — the kids aren’t alright
Uriah Heep — heartless land
Marilyn Manson — rock is dead
Nazareth — when the light comes down
Hole — celebrity skin
Metallica — whiskey in the jar
Kid Rock — only god knows why
Dropkick Murphys — do or die
Van Halen — without you
Motorhead — love for sale
Slayer — in the name of god
Deep Purple — any fule kno that
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant — please read the letter
Iron Maiden — futureal
Lenny Kravitz — fly away
Helloween — I can
Garbage — when I grow up
Grave Digger — knights of the cross
Eric Clapton — my father’s eyes
L.A.Guns — wasted
Kansas — in your eyes
Bryan Adams — when you’re gone
Nightwish — sacrament of wilderness
R.E.M. — sad professor
Napalm Death — the infiltraitor