От Electric Light Orchestra к Led Zeppelin - Гран Collection на Imagine Radio

2 june 2017
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Aerosmith — Dream on
Deep Purple — Woman from Tokyo
Bee Gees — Saw a new morning
the Stooges — Search and destroy
Electric Light Orchestra — In old England town (boogie no.2)
Blue Oyster Cult — the Red and the black
Alice Cooper — No more mr. nice guy
Pink Floyd — Breathe
Fleetwood Mac — I’m a road runner
Led Zeppelin — Over the hills and far away
David Bowie — Watch that man
Eagles — Tequila sunrise
Nazareth — Razamanaz
Gary Glitter — Do you wanna touch me (oh yeah)
Queen — Keep yourself alive
ZZ Top — La grange
Grand Funk Railroad — We’re an american band
New York Dolls — Personality crisis
Styx — You need love
the Rolling Stones — Angie
Lynyrd Skynyrd — Simple man
Poco — Blue water
Thin Lizzy — the Rocker
Status Quo — Roll over lay down
Uriah Heep — Stealin’
the Who — the Real me
Black Sabbath — Sabbath bloody sabbath